Windsor Chairs
and other heirloom quality pieces
Handmade from wood
by Cecil Robertson
Handmade in Missouri, USA


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Do you have an antique chair that needs repair?

I might be able to repair it.

Here are some chairs that I have repaired:


This rocking chair belonged to the customer's grand mother.

As you can see, this rocking chair had some major problems:

  • The seat had broken front to back
  • one rocker had broken
  • one leg had the top and bottom tenon broken
  • most of the joints were loose

All repaired and ready to ROCK !!!


About 100 years old, the joints in these two chairs had come loose and a few of the tenons on the legs and stretchers had broken. Some of the wooden plugs covering screws were missing.

I replaced the tenons and reglued the joints. They should last another 100 years.


This child's rocking chair had the right rocker broken.

I replaced both rockers so they would match and last a lifetime.

I have repaired several other chairs, but do not have photos.

My objective is to:
1. Repair broken parts
2. Take loose parts apart, clean the joints and re-glue tightly
3. Maintain as much of the patina as possible.
I always teach my Windsor chair customers the correct way to lift and move a chair. DO NOT lift by the arms or spindles which might loosen the joints. Lift by holding the seat. On new chairs it may not matter much, but on antique chairs it WILL make a different on how long the chair will last. I suggest my chair buyers teach everyone to hold by the seat, and then it will become a habit and reduce chair damage.


Last updated:
September 29, 2015


To order, contact: Cecil Robertson                      314-605-1410
           Located in St. Charles County, Missouri