You can make this
Continuous Arm Windsor Chair, Rocking Chair
or Windsor Side Chair

during a 5 day class in my woodshop

Cecil Robertson, Chair Maker and Instructor

Take a closer look at how I make the Windsor chair on my web site at

Windsor Chairs with Cecil Robertson

Where: My wood shop about 8 miles north east of Wentzville, MO.

Class Days: For dates check this link: Chair Class Schedule

Class is scheduled for 5 Tuesdays, 5 Wednesdays or 5 Saturdays, or mix and match. This seems to be the best fit for a lot of people so class will not interfer with employment.

Hours: 9:00am - 4:00pm

I can work with a disjoined schedule which is helpful for a lot of students, i.e., a day here, a day there, a weekday here, a weekend day there for 5 days total if that works for you. You will learn something new each class day. Take home your chair parts and some tools and work on them at your leisure. Then bring it back to class and we do it again. This allows you to work at your schedule.

I am flexible in scheduling class on weekends and week days.

Deadline to sign up: Let me know what dates work for you.

Prerequisite: Experience with hand and power tools

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Class Size: 3

Description: The compound bent, single piece of wood that forms the back and arms on the continuous-bow Windsor armchair attracts more attention than all other Windsor chair forms. First made in New York City about 1790, it is truly an exclusive American design innovation and represents a high point in the craft of chair-making. Students will learn how to use hand tools to create each chair part, assemble the entire chair, and take a completed chair home along with the knowledge and skill to make more chairs.

Day 1: Seat - Introduction and history of Windsor chairs. We will discuss the types of wood and tools used. Hollow the seat, drill holes, and create the front edge. Use a Brace and Bit, Spoon Bits, Adze, Scorp, Travisher, Compass Plane, and Spoke Shave.

Day 2: Legs - Learn how to turn the legs and stretchers on the lathe so you can make your own. I will provide legs and stretchers. We will learn how to assemble the seat, legs and stretchers.

Day 3: Spindles and Arm - How to use a froe and mallet to rive (split) spindle blanks from a log. Use a shave horse, shave pony, drawknife and spoke shave to make the spindles. Learn to rive the arm blank from a log and shape it with a draw knife and spoke shave. Experience the use of a steam box to steam an arm blank, and then bend it on a form. Then you will shape your spindles.

Day 4: Assemble the spindles and C-arm into the seat; sand the chair for final finishing. Finishes will be discussed.

Day 5: Finish - The planned finish is Black over Red Milk Paint. We will apply the milk paint and a final coat of Boiled Linseed Oil. We will also discuss different finishes such as a hand rubbed oil finish and other milk paint combinations.

Provided: The continuous arm already bent; legs and stretchers already turned.

Tools Required (provided for class use): Brace and Bit, Spoon Bits, Adze, Scorp, Travisher, Compass Plane, Drawknife, Spoke Shave, Froe, Mallet, Shave Horse, Random Orbit Sander and Scrapers. If you have any of these tools, please bring them to class.

C-Arm Chair $950.00
Side Chair $800.00
Rocking Chair $1,050.00

Additional charge for natural finish on Cherry, Oak, Mahogany, etc.
I accept cash, check and credit cards.
How to sign up: e-mail or call 314-605-1410