Windsor Chairs
and other heirloom quality pieces
Handmade from wood
by Cecil Robertson
Handmade in Missouri, USA


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Keepsake Boxes

Boxes are made of Oak, top of Curly Maple and a handle of Walnut. The inside bottom is covered with suede leather.

Every handmade box is unique. No two boxes will be exactly alike. The style will be similar but the dimensions will vary slightly.

I have other woods available such as Cherry, Walnut, Padauk, Rosewood, Kentucky Coffee Bean, Mahogany and Oak. I have some Curly Cherry that is wonderful.

Price: from $100.00 - $400.00 dependent on the wood, design and size.

Burl Oak - one of a kind!
4.5 x 8 x 5


Cury Maple top with White Oak base
5 x 9 x 6



Cury Maple top with White Oak base
6 x 8 x 5

Walnut Bowl

Great to place on the coffee table for nuts or popcorn. Or just as a decoration. Other shapes available.

This bowl is made of Walnut. Other woods available such as Cherry, Oak and whatever I have in stock.

Price: $50.00 - $300.00 depending on the cost of the wood.

Depth Gauge for wood turners.

When turning a bowl on the wood lathe, a Depth Gauge is a must to determine if the depth of a bowl is correct. Many folks buy one of these for a wall hanger, due to the beauty of the wood combination - neat to display with wood planes or hand saws in wall decor. Also makes a unique gift for your favorite woodworker.

This one if made of Oak and Walnut. Other woods available such as Cherry and whatever else I have in stock.

Price: $30.00 - $40.00 depending on the cost of the wood. Exotic woods are more expensive.


Contact me to inquire what items are ready for shipment. I usually work on custom orders, so there is a slight delay in shipping.

Please contact me for the different types of wood I have in stock. Some wood species are rather difficult to get and usually cost more than local wood. I will list other wood species as I obtain them. I will also be posting additional photos using different woods.

Last updated: April 26, 2012

Last updated:
September 29, 2015


To order, contact: Cecil Robertson                      314-605-1410
           Located in St. Charles County, Missouri